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Ariana Grande Cries At Grammys Over Her Hair Falling Out

Ariana Grande cries at the Grammys 2014 after mean bloggers and tweeters criticize her hair and her dress, but it turns out her hair is falling out. Subscrib…

18 comments to Ariana Grande Cries At Grammys Over Her Hair Falling Out

  • Hollywood Life

    Ariana is such a cutie. We’re so into her right now. And she looked so HOT
    at the Grammys. Haters are just plain off base on this one. 

  • Abby Crane

    This is really stupid.

  • Diamond MC

    Im not being rude, but do you see how long her hair is?! And shes crying
    over a little piece that falls out?!?! Theres some kids that dont even have
    any hair!! And yet shes crying over a piece of little hair, her hair is
    very long, it doesnt really matter if she loses a little piece of it, like
    really!!! Get over youreself girl, its just a piece of hair, do you like
    not see how much hair you have?! Alot. Thats how much. Again Im not trying
    to mean, cause I mean Im a fan of Ariana, but seriously this is
    ridicoulous, no offence.

  • Kei Banks

    You can see at 0:28 where her weave is and how bad it’s breaking off

  • Tiffany Taylor

    shes losing her hair cause of us.
    shes crying cause of us.
    ariana grande is so kind { my opinion }
    i dont get why people hates her. 

  • Breezy Kersey

    why is she crying? Her hair isn’t real anyway. it’s just weave.

  • Zero Akuma

    No offense but i dont understand why people get worked over hair i mean
    it’s just hair?

  • Sarahcate Roberson

    Poor thing :c

  • CapTrainT

    If I was her I’d cut it all off.

  • Dyania Harding

    At least she actually admitted most celebrities wont even have the balls to
    do that 

  • Liberty Darling

    She cheated on Jai twice. She’s sleazy and good luck when the rest of her
    hair falls out. LOOL

  • theminimalisto

    Biggest problem in the world how we’ re gonna survive now?!

  • OrangeBlossom

    Her hair is falling out because shes anorexic

  • Jackie weiler

    Pardon me while i play the worlds smallest violin for her. What about all
    the cancer patients that loose their hair during chemo? No one reports on
    them. She’s rich and spoiled. She can deal with it. 

  • SRAD

    Well, I realize that people can be rough about stuff, but in the first
    place it is her fault for agreeing to dye her hair in such a bad way. Dying
    your hair should always be done by a professional and you should be high
    maintenance about it. So, really, because her hair is breaking ect is her
    fault. But, I do know what it feels like to have crap hair and cry about it
    because of people. However, I am taking care of my hair now and it’s
    perfectly fine. I have girls coming up to me asking how I treat my hair and
    what my hair color is and how I style it. You know what the answer to that
    is? I put oil in my hair and wash my hair every 3 days or every once a week
    with no special shampoo and conditioner. Also, my hair is always in the
    natural waves that I’ve always had it. Just go short then go long again. 

  • Zendaya Fan

    That hair is sooo horrible makes me wanna puke

  • Allan Prince

    Ariana is my favrouite singer and THERE IS NOTHING WRONG ABOUT HER PRETTY
    HAIR so leave her alone she was on sam and cat a kids TV show me and my
    sister love her music am getting her music for christmas 

  • The Arc Of Truth

    What is up with all this hate? What’s the point? There is absolutely no
    point in hating! What do you get out of it? I seriously want to know. If
    you hate Ariana Grande just please, unleash all your hate in replies to
    this comment. I seriously would love to know why you guys just love hating
    people. And not just hate Ariana Grande. Anyone. If you hate any famous
    person, or any person in total, just reply to this comment about it. I
    would love to know.

    But we all hate Justin Bieber. That’s a different story. Justin Bieber

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